Organo Gold Expands Exponentially to Benefit Both Distributors and Consumers


Organo is a leader in global network marketing with a mission to introduce Ganoderma to the world. Only a decade after Organo was founded, the company is in 33 countries making Organo Gold 55th in direct sales companies internationally. The vision Bernardo Chua has passed down to the distributors is to help people improve the quality of their lives by attaining higher levels of wellness and prosperity with the products, both as customers and entrepreneurs.

Bernardo Chua is the founding and managing CEO of Organo Gold. Bernardo has used his business expertise to develop an incredible platform and opportunity for individuals to join with the company vision. But more importantly to gain experience with the natural Ganoderma that is the star of the company.  This has seen them expand constantly, as the popularity of this coffee empire continues to grow.

Ganoderma is a “super mushroom” that is known for affecting many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. It is filled with many nutrients and also has extremely high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Bernardo Chua is extremely active in the company and holds worldwide conventions and other events for distributors and customers. There are now over one million distributors in the 33 countries that have opened up to Ganoderma-infused coffee.

In 2007, Bernardo closed his first company, Gano Excel, to start Organo Gold because he developed the amazing way of making Ganoderma popular with more people; he would infuse it into gourmet coffees and teas! This new concept demanded a new company format and name, hence Oregano Gold was born.

The dream of Bernardo Chua began to come true almost immediately as people took hold of this new “healthy coffee.” Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and with the incredible nutrients and powerful antioxidants that are in the Ganoderma, many hundreds of thousands of people are finding a healthier way of life

Organo Gold focuses on a minimum of health products in order to emphasize their excellence. There are several varieties of Ganoderma-infused coffees as well as several teas, the Ganoderma in capsule form and several natural skin products. The global vision of distribution is a vision that is proving to be totally attainable.  Make sure to follow the journey on Bernardo’s Twitter account.


Sam Tabar Leads The Next Generation Of Financial Leaders

The career path of Sam Tabar always seems to have been pointing upwards to the highest levels of the financial and investing industry, which has now led him to accept two executive positions at companies hoping for a successful future under his leadership. Bitsylink reports Tabar has been appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer with Full Cycle Energy Fund, and LinkedIn reports now he has taken up the role of Chief Financial officer at Awearable Apparel. The fact that Tabar has become such a successful figure is not a surprise for those who have watched his career with interest since he graduated from two of the world’s most respected educational institutions.

Sam Tabar first made a splash in the world when the investment specialist graduated from England’s Oxford University and went on to earn a law degree from Columbia; the ability to gain such an education is only the start of the story of Sam Tabar who would go on to work with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. Tabar gained an all round understanding of the world of investing and trading through his role at the company, but by 2004 he had decided his focus should now switch to other areas of the financial industry.

Sam Tabar understands more than most investment experts that the financial world is now a global market taking in many different areas of the planet he has tried to visit and learn more about. The global nature of investing has taken Sam Tabar to Asia on a number of occasions as a businessperson and leisure traveler, which has led to him becoming an expert in the Asian South Pacific and the best strategies for investing in the region.

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Has a New Plan to Help Out Mum

Are you a beginner in the investment field or do you want to start a business? Want to learn from someone who has gone where you want to go? Perhaps you have read a lot about stock trading and how fortunes are being made in this field of investment.

It’s true – many people are taking advantage of the lucrative opportunity provided by a great investment field such as stock trading.

Making money in your own business or in the stock trading market requires following a proven strategy. And that’s what Jim Hunt attempts to prove by promising to make his mom a millionaire in just 10 trades.

Jim is a reputable professional and he has been teaching and publishing books and courses on how to start a business, make money, achieve financial freedom and get rich. He publishes his books and training programs through VTA Publications – a highly reliable company that focuses on business and finance topics.

Jim is putting the challenge on YouTube for everyone to see and follow along. His expertise in the stock trading arena is unsurpassed and he has proven that many times in the past.

Getting into the stock trading field is not something to be taken lightly. Although it is a lucrative investment field, you will only succeed and amass a fortune if you learn and apply the strategy taught by an experienced trader.

Jim Hunt is well versed in the investment field, and has mastered the secrets of achieving tremendous success with stock trading. He has created many books and courses that teach people how to start a business, grow their existing business, start trading in the stock market and achieve huge success in their endeavors.

VTA Publications is well known for developing and promoting information products in the form of books, guides, courses, training programs and related materials. The company publishes non-fiction topics targeted to those who want to start a business or make money with a lucrative opportunity such as stock trading. Thousands of people around the world have purchased, and benefited tremendously, from the information products available from VTA Publications.

Helane Morrison the Future of Corporate World

The future of the corporate world mainly depends on financial management and currency. In the world today, business people must make the right investment choices. No one would want to risk putting their money in a risky business venture in the name of investing. It is crucial for business people to seek advice from people with experience. It is because, in the event of losses incurred, investors would lose their market share.

Helane Morrison is the head of the greatest financial advisory firm located in San Francisco. The name of the company is Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is beside a member of the executive committee in the enterprise. Hall Capital Partners explains the loss of trust in the financial industry by investors all over the world. In 2008, the financial market went through a crash and most investors incurred loss hence the trust issues associated with the financial industry. People, therefore, took matters into their hands by hoarding money. It is after the market crash that Hall was created to rescue business people and investors. Hall Capital Partners came in and strategic ways of providing financial accountability to the public. Hall equally provided compliance rules in business dealings.

Information about Helane

Helane Morrison is one of the best financial advisors in the world. Being a firm, smart, determined and focused lady, Morrison has a positive input to the field of compliance. In her words, Morrison explains how important every client is to the firm. Having appointed a team of qualified financial advisors, Morrison ensures that proper investigation is done before clients invest in business.

It is a risky venture for customers to entrust a firm with money. Morrison, therefore, has appointed an enforcement team. With her high level of understanding in business matters, Morrison knows that business requires discipline. The Enforcement staff is responsible for instilling discipline to staff. Before she joined Hall Capital, Helane Morrison headed the San Francisco Office of Securities and Exchange Commission abbreviated as SEC. you find more information by clicking here. Her duties involved:
• Regulation of compliance
• Litigation
• Security enforcement

Most importantly, Morrison legally represented her firm the SEC. Morrison fought corruption in the form of fraud. Some of the cases she handled involved top notch investors from NextCard, Google and Hewlett-Packard. She exposed them hence legal action by the law.Between 1986 and 1996, Helane was a lawyer at Nemerovski, Rice, Canady and Falk & Rabkin. Helane was also a law clerk working closely with Hon. Richard Posner in the U.S Court of Appeals and Harry A. Blackmun. Helane Morrison is a complete definition of an educated woman, economically empowered and determined to better the financial field. With Helane Morrison in the corporate world, most investors will feel safe putting their money in the hands of financial advisors.